25 Fun And Romantic Couples Camping Activities

Camping is a great way for couples to connect. Time in nature is always well spent and if you get to share it with your loved one, then its even better. With a little pre-planning you can turn your camping adventure into a wonderful romantic getaway. Here are some ideas to transform your space into a romantic campsite with these fun and intimate couples camping activities.

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So here we go, let’s get ready to put some great ideas into action with these couples camping activities!

The 25 Best Couples Camping Activities

1. Go For A Walk Or Hike Around Your Camp

Couples camping activities
Go for a hike together

For the outdoor explorers, this activity might come natural. Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities. It is a great way to enjoy the scenery and the company as you explore your surroundings. And this could also be a great way to scope out the perfect place for your picnic without your partner knowing.

2. Plan A Sunset Or Sunrise Picnic

Couples camping activities
Plan a sunset or sunrise picnic

Picnics are easy, fun and romantic. Just pick a great place with beautiful views for either sunrise or sunset. Make sure to pack a set of blankets, one to sit on and the others to use for warmth if it is cold. Pack an easy meal for either breakfast, snacks or dinner.

And if you want to include alcohol, you can bring Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas or a bottle of wine. Make sure to pack the wine glasses and a bottle opener. Picnics are a great way to add some romance into your day and this picnic backpack makes packing easy.

3. Create A Romantic Camping Trip At Home

Couples camping activities
Create a back yard camping experience

You can still have a romantic camping getaway without leaving the house. If you have a back yard, then you can set up a gorgeous campsite with all the luxuries of home. This is even better than car camping, because everything you need is just inside.

So grab your tent, tiki torches, string lights and candles. Then fill your tent with pillows and blankets and all things soft and fluffy. Play some romantic music and you are on your way to a romantic camping experience at home.

4. Watch For Shooting Stars

Couples camping activities
Explore the night sky and watch for shooting stars

Try to find a place where you can see the night sky without any light pollution. If you have a dark sky park nearby then that’s a great place to watch the stars. Bring your camp chairs or a blanket and pillows to lie on the ground and just look at the sky. You can sit there for 20 minutes or many hours.

Sometimes you can see meteor showers. So watch the forecast because the sky really lights up on those nights. There’s nothing like experiencing a shooting star together. It is and amazing way to spend the evening.

5. Find a Remote Location And Sleep In A Tent

Couples camping activities
Find a remote location to camp

If you want to find a more secluded campsite than consider sleeping in a tent. Make it cozy and comfortable by packing the air mattress and a double sleeping bag. This is a great way to get in some quality time and learn a lot about each other especially if this is your first camping trip together.

You can make it more romantic by bringing some solar lights and place them either in or around the tent. And if this location is not a long way from home, you could set up the campsite before hand, so when you arrive, it’s all set up for your romantic camping date.

6. Plan And Cook A 3 Course Meal Together

Couples camping activities
Cook a great meal together on your camping trip

You can put your camping cooking skills to the test by preparing a camp cooked meal together. This can range from super simply up to very gourmet. It really depends on how much you enjoy to cook and eat and your culinary skills. Your meal can range from soup, sandwiches and s’mores to an entree with all the sides and dessert. So play some music and start prepping.

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7. Go Glamping Instead Of Camping

Couples camping activities
Try glamping instead of camping

If camping really isn’t your thing but you are willing to try it, then consider glamping. It is like tent camping but with all the comforts of home. There are many places that have some fantastic set ups for a glamping experience. Here are a few to consider:

  • Collective Retreats: luxury tents in select locations and more coming soon
  • AutoCamp: luxury tents and Airstreams to rent near Yosemite National Park and other locations
  • Sassy Springs Retreat: located in Tennessee

There are also companies that you can rent the entire set up form. So if you want to try glamping on your own, you have some options.

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8. Rent An Airstream Or Vintage Camper

Couples camping activities

Airstreams are just cool, I know, we have one! And sometimes you can find them to rent and tow them to your campsite. Or you can find one in set up in a unique place to stay. We have found many places around the county that rent them. So if you are looking for a romantic trip in an Airstream I have a few suggestions:

  • The Range Vintage Trailer Resort: A great place located outside of Dallas TX. Offering Vintage Airstream rental units and campground with lots of privacy. Airstream bar and barn dinners available on the weekends. Community fire pit, pool and yard games are just some of the great amenities.
  • Waypoint Ventura: Located in the city of Ventura CA. Offering Vintage Airstream rentals and Airstream only campground. Walkability score is A+. Very close to downtown Ventura with restaurants, shops and weekend farmers market. And also very close to the beach and boardwalk.
  • Yonder Escalante: Located in Escalante UT, near Escalante National Staircase and Bryce Canyon National Park. Cabins, Airstreams and Campground accommodations available. They have spa like bath houses with amazing outdoor showers. Other amenities include a pool, community area, outdoor movie theatre, food truck and camp store with dinner kits and cocktails for sale. Learn all about it here: Yonder Escalante Utah | New Luxury Campground Review

9. Make A Magical Fire

Couples camping activities
Build a romanic fire to enjoy together

Lets make sure you have all the elements to create a magical fire. Confirm that your camping site has a fire pit otherwise you will want to bring a fire ring. Camping is not as much fun without a fire.

Have you ever heard of a mystical fire? Its so easy to make and so cool! Just throw in the mystical fire packet and watch the fire come to life with so many colors. It is perfect way to add an element of romance to your campsite.

10. Cozy Up In A Couples Chair

I think couples chairs are great and a fun thing to bring on your camping trip. Our dog loves them too, because we all get some family snuggle time. So cozy up together in a couples chair with a blanket by the fire.

11. Squeeze Into A Double Hammock

Couples camping activities
Couples Camping Activities: Swing in a double hammock

Relax and swing from the trees together in the double hammock. Hammocks are lightweight and easy to pack and carry. So they are an easy addition to your campsite for lounging, resting and reading. We always love when we find a campsite with trees where we can set up our hammock.

12. Play In The Water Together

Couples camping activities

Bring the kayak or stand up paddle board if a lake, river or ocean is nearby. It is always fun to explore around in the water. I always enjoy calm and clear water where you can see below and you can casually float around. A couples raft or pool float might work too.

13. Enjoy Some Down Time

Afternoon camping naps are best. And even better when the weather is just right for sleeping. We are all so busy all the time and forget to rest. After your afternoon adventure you can take this time to relax and restore. So snuggle up together and get a few zzz’s before the evening begins.

14. Camp At A Hot Springs

Couples camping activities
Go camping at a hot springs

There are a few hot springs around the US that have camping too. Or you might be able to find a hot springs nearby your campsite to drive to. Here are some hots springs in the United States with camping:

  • Strawberry Park Hot Springs: Located in Steamboat Springs Colorado. They offer tent camping only.
  • Gila Hot Springs Campground: Located in Silver City New Mexico. They allow camping for small campers and tents.
  • Ojo Caliente Spa: Located near Taos New Mexico. Camping for RV or tents available.
  • Mystic Hot Springs: Located in Monroe Utah. Camping for RV, tents and rentals available
  • Hot Springs Resort & Spa: Located in Hot Springs NC. A full service campground with RV and tent sites available.

15. Scavenger Hunt

Couples camping activities
Find fun things on a scavenger hunt

Play the camping version of a scavenger hunt. And instead of just looking for camping things, you can also look for things like leaves or rocks that look like a heart, hummingbirds or a heart shaped cloud in the sky. You can be imaginative about what’s on the list.

16. Tell Stories By The Fire

Telling stories by the fire is a fun way to get to know each other. You can share about camping as a kid, previous camping adventures or tell a scary story by the fire. Play a story making game by the fire where you each contribute a line or two and make up the story as you go. It’s one of those silly games you play as a kid, but it is still a fun game.

17. The Best Couples Camping Activities: Make A Camping Dessert

Couples camping activities

S’mores by the fire is always a fun thing to do while camping. But you can step up your dessert game and make something a little more creative. Have you ever heard of a pie iron? It can be used to make fire side sandwiches, desserts and many other foods. So if you need an easy but unique dessert and cooking alternative, this could be it.

18. Read A Book Together

Couples camping activities

Find a similar interest and read a book together. It can be a physical book where you each read a page or listen to an audio book. You can learn something new together or just be entertained.

19. Drink Hot Chocolate By The Fire

Couples camping activities

After all, camping is about snuggling up by the fire and enjoying some warm drinks together. Hot chocolate is very easy to make. You can get creative and add some mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings or cinnamon sprinkles. And even add some peppermint vodka if you want to spice it up. Another fun warm beverage is a hot toddy.

20. Play Fun Camping Games

Those who play together, stay together. So let’s have some fun together! Games may not be romantic but they sure are fun. From classic games to card games, So pack a deck of cards or even a board game. And don’t forget the yard games, because corn hole makes for a great camping game!

21. Go On A Moonlight Evening Walk

Couples camping activities

Walking by moonlight can be very romantic, just practice safe judgement while walking in the dark. Take a headlamp or other source of light just in case it is needed.

Sometimes you can find hiking groups that go on night hikes especially when there is a full moon. So if you prefer to hike with a group, this could be a great option.

22. Give Each Other Massages

Another favorite romantic couples camping activities is giving each other massages. So pack the massage oil and candles. This is great way to connect, relax, unwind and hopefully afterwards get a good night’s sleep.

23. Plan Some Intimate Time Together

Set aside some time with your partner to feel close and connected. That time may include some of the ideas listed above or an activity that is best for you. Camping together is a great idea if you are looking for some time away without distractions.

24. Have A Van Life Romantic Experience

Couples camping activities

You know those epic van-life photos? The ones where you are looking out from your bed with the doors opens to the most AMAZING VIEW. Well, you can have that too. Renting Camper Vans nowadays is a pretty easy thing to do. So when you rent a van, stock it up with the weekend essentials and find an awesome spot to park with great views. This is a surefire way to score some serious points.

25. Set Up A Romantic Dinner

Create the setting for a romantic dinner

A romantic atmosphere is such an important part of setting the mood. You can create a romantic dinner table set-up with just a few simple elements. First, set up a low to the ground table, use pillows for chairs, and get a blanket or sheet for a table cloth. Then add some candles, flowers and fairy lights and there you have it! It can be that simple.


If you have a special occasion coming up like a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, why not incorporate that celebration into your plans. Thoughtful surprises are always the best!

So there you have it! 25 Fabulous ideas for couples camping activities to add a little romance to your campsite. We hope you have a great time. Happy Camping!

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