Best Romantic Thanksgiving Activities For Couples

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, you might ask yourself: What can we do as a couple that will make our Thanksgiving a special one? Well, you’re in luck, we have 20 romantic suggestions for Thanksgiving activities for couples to make your holiday a memorable one!

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You might have a busy day planned with the whole family, a smaller gathering of just a few friends or maybe its just the two of you. Everyones holiday looks a little different. But what if spending some quality time together with your partner on Thanksgiving was something you really wanted to do this holiday?

Well, I have some good news! With a little planning you can easily add some couple activities into your day. So regardless if you are the thanksgiving hosts, or attending a family or friends thanksgiving feast, or just having a very simple turkey day. We have some fun ways you can enjoy and include Thanksgiving activities for couples. You can even share some of these activities with family and friends too.

So, here is our list of the best Thanksgiving activities for couples to kick off the holiday season.

20 Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

1. Enjoy A Simple Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

I know, you are going to be eating all day. But what if your day is really busy and this is the only alone time you will have together. Before the day gets too busy, plan a light but meaningful breakfast where you can spend some quality time together. Drink coffee together on the porch, wake up early and watch the sunrise, or make breakfast and serve it in bed.

And if you have kids, maybe they will make you breakfast. Let this be the calm before the storm if you have a hectic day ahead. And this time can be used to set your expectations and intentions for the day.

2. Get Outside And Take a Walk

Thanksgiving Activities for Couples
Morning Walk | Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

Before the day gets away from you, get outside and enjoy some quality time together. Taking a walk in nature is a great way to connect to your partner. The weather should be perfect for a peaceful fall morning walk. And you can build up an appetite for the big meal while you walk.

But if you prefer to walk with purpose, many cities have a turkey trot on the morning of the Thanksgiving holiday. The annual event is a great way to give back to your community together and also burn some calories before the thanksgiving feast.

3. Slow Down With Some Yoga

Yoga is another great way to connect with your partner and start the day. Even if you don’t regularly practice yoga, you could do a gentle yoga flow, stretching or restorative yoga.

And for the more advanced, you may be able to find a couples or partner yoga class. The studios are most likely closed on Thursday, but you could find a Wednesday or Friday class to attend or stream something online when it’s convenient for you.

4. Take 10 Minutes And Meditate

After Yoga is the perfect time to get in a quick meditation together. All you need is 10 minutes of your day. Just grab your yoga mat or a pillow and lie down in a comfortable position.

I found this great manifestation meditation that I really enjoy. I like to use my ear buds so it intensifies the sound and then I also don’t get easily distracted. It is an easy, fun and fulfilling activity to do as a couple. You can listen to it HERE.

5. Make A Thanksgiving Day Dessert

Thanksgiving Activities for Couples
Bake Together | Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

It is said that: “the secret ingredient in baking is always love”. And when its made from the love of two people contributing to it, the dessert will be even better! So why not make a dessert together for Thanksgiving. From yummy pumpkin pie and apple pie to everything in between. Or you may want to make a family recipe together or get creative and try something new.

And if you want to add some friendly competition to your baking, then you could have a Thanksgiving dessert contest. All you have to do to participate is bake something and then have everyone vote on their favorite dessert. The winner gets a “Best Thanksgiving Day Dessert” award, whatever that may be. It’s a great excuse to get all the guests to bring a dessert and makes for a fun family activity that everyone can participate in.

6. Play the Gratitude Game

The Gratitude game can be played as a couple or it can include the entire family. It is a simple game of gratitude and Thanksgiving is a great time to play it.

There are a few ways to play, but the most simple way is to go around the Thanksgiving table and name 3 things you are thankful for. This can be played before the Thanksgiving meal is served or at the table during or after eating. If you are playing as a couple, then you can share 3 reasons you a thankful for you partner. It is a fun way to show your gratitude for one another.

7. Fill Up Your Gratitude Jar

Grab a mason jar or similar and some craft supplies such as ribbon, stickers or letters. Decorate the mason jar to say “Gratitude Jar”. Take a piece of paper (preferably 2 different colors) and cut it into 30 pieces. You will each have a color that represents your messages.

Each day write something you are thankful for and put it in the jar. At the end of 30 days, empty the jar and read through all gratitude notes together. It is fun way to remember things through the month that brought you joy. And if you enjoy this activity, this is something you can continue the entire year through.

8. Make a Gratitude Tree

A visual way to express your gratitude to each other is by the use of a Gratitude Tree. The idea is you write on the leaves of the tree about things you are grateful for. It is a visual reminder of gratitude.

The tree can also be used for decoration for the Thanksgiving holiday. You can make a DIY thankful or gratitude tree or you can purchase one. The tree is another great way to express your gratitude and a physical reminder too. Here are a two to choose from:

9. Experiment With A New Holiday Cocktail

Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

Whether you drink cocktails or mocktails you can create a little holiday fun with trying a new drink recipe. From sweet to savory and light to lushious. Make it something traditional, or fall and festive or something new and creative. You can even use non-alcoholic elixirs and CBD mixers. But don’t forget when you are done to cheers to your love one, your creativity and your drink making skills.

10. Give Back To The Community And Volunteer

Volunteer | Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

Give back this Thanksgiving holiday and volunteer your time together. There are many ways to help. You can volunteer at the local soup kitchen, food panty or food bank. They usually need help assembling food boxes, serving food at Thanksgiving dinner, delivering meals to elderly and grocery shopping or you can donate needed supplies. Volunteering is said to help boost your life satisfaction and make you happier and healthier. It feels good to volunteer and this activity done as a couple is even better.

11. Make A Care Package For The Homeless

If you don’t have time to volunteer and still want to give back, you can make care packages for the homeless. All you need are the supplies and a partner to help put it all together. These care packages include items that are helpful for someone in need. Grab a ziplock bag and fill it with some of these items: socks, gloves, bottled water, non-perishable food, toiletries, first aid items and other useful things. After you make the care packages, you can keep them in your car and hand them out to homeless people you meet randomly on the street.

12. Thanksgiving Art And Crafts

This time of year goes by so fast. Therefore, use this quality time together as a couple and especially if you have little kids to create a fun family memory of making crafts together. All you need is a little pre-planning and some arts and crafts supplies such as construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, pine cones, leaves, candy corn, paint, paint brushes and rocks to paint. And crafts aren’t just for kids.

Something as simple as painting messages of gratitude on rocks is fun for both kids and adults.

13. Play Thanksgiving Games

A fun way to spend the holiday is by playing Thanksgiving themed games and board games. There are a variety of games for 2 players and up.

Some great games to play include Thanksgiving Bingo, Thanksgiving Trivia, Charades, Scavenger Hunt, Pin the Tail on the Turkey and Turkey Scratch off Cards. You can also play classic games and cards like monopoly, chess and checkers. Or get creative and think of a new game to play. You can get some here:

14. Watch or Play Football

Watching Football | Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

For all the football fans, no thanksgiving celebration would be complete without a big day of watching all the football games. So if you both enjoy football this could be a day of comradery! It may even be a way to connect with newly made friends or future family members. Just make sure we are all cheering for the same team.

15. Take Memorable Thanksgiving Photos

Among the best of Thanksgiving activities for couples is taking photos! Photos make the best memories! And you don’t have to hire a professional photographer to get some. Purchase some thanksgiving photo props and set the photo timer on your phone and go! This can be so much fun. So get silly with your partner and have fun with these photo props. And after you have your own photo party you can take the props with you if you are joining the rest of the family. These Thanksgiving photo props are a great idea to add some fun to your family photos too. Find some of my favorites below:

16. Make It A Date Night

Thanksgiving does not have to be all about a big feast. Whether you have family in town or not, you can still set aside an evening for just the two of you. So put it on the calendar and have a date night. Your date can be dinner and dancing afterwards or going out to a live music show. Or if you prefer to stay in, make a nice dinner with quiet time at home. It is up to you, it’s your date night.

17. Plan A Romantic Getaway

Weekend Getaway | Thanksgiving Activities for Couples

Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect opportunity for a romantic getaway. Many employers are closed on black Friday, so you can have an extended weekend for a special romantic getaway.

You can take a road trip to a beachside bed and breakfast. Cozy up in a cabin in the mountains, fly into a big city with lights and action. Or take your camper and stay off grid for a few days. Taking time away is one of the best ways to connect to each other without distractions. So use this long weekend as your getaway and enjoy some time alone with your partner.

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18. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or National Dog Show

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been part of many family traditions throughout the years. These two holiday television classics can be the kick off to your holiday season together.

Snuggling up on the couch Thursday morning to watch the parade is at the top of classic Thanksgiving activities for couples. So, it could easily become your new tradition together.

19. Enjoy An Intimate Thanksgiving

One of best ways to show your love and gratitude towards each other is by having some intimate time together. So plan some time together where you can be a couple. It can be a as simple as a romantic candle-lite dinner or taking a a bubble bath together with music and champagne, giving each other massages with scented oil or snuggling up on the couch watching romantic movies together. Whatever is intimate for you. Think about what your partner would appreciate and enjoy and make it a special evening together.

20. Create New Traditions Together

As a couple you may want to create a new Thanksgiving tradition together. It could be as simple as using one of the previously mentioned activities or a family tradition that you want to continue year after year. Or adding a favorite dish to the thanksgiving dinner menu to make it special. The tradition is up to you. It can be some thing for just the two of you or it could include family members and friends.

In Conclusion

This is your holiday, so do what feels the best for you and your partner. I hope this list of Thanksgiving activities for couples gives you some ideas to make your Thanksgiving a special one! And you can use these ideas for years to come!

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. May your Thanksgiving activities as a couple bring you much joy and happiness and lots of LOVE!

Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers, Kim & Scott

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