Camper Halloween Decoration Ideas Both Spooky and Fun

It’s that time of year, when fall and the holiday season is just around the corner. And that means it’s time to dust off those RV Halloween decorations and also pick up some new ones. So regardless if you’re Halloween camping at RV campgrounds or using your camper as a Halloween party prop, we have a great list of camper Halloween decoration ideas to use this Halloween season!

Therefore if Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, then you’re going to love this blog post!

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Some campgrounds might have special events like costume contests or golf cart parades if you’re camping over Halloween weekend or Halloween night. However, if thats not the case, then you can make your own halloween fun in the campground!  

From simple and classic halloween decorations to big and elaborate or diy decorations and more! This list of exterior and interior halloween RV decorations will inspire you to create the perfect halloween theme campsite.

So load up the supplies for your next camping trip and lets have so much fun RV decorating!

Stores to find camper halloween decorations ideas:

  • Dollar Store
  • Halloween Spirit Halloween Spirit
  • Amazon
  • Thrift Store
  • Wal-Mart
  • Target
  • Garage Sales

Camper Halloween Decoration Ideas – Exterior 

Decorating your camper for Halloween can be a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday while staying at RV Parks or just hanging out in the driveway. This list has store bought items along with easy diy halloween decorations. 

So here are 30 creative ideas to help you spookify your camper:

1. Decorate with giant inflatables

Inflatables make a great option for decorating your space. Because a little goes a long way. You can easily make a big statement with little effort. From silly to spooky, there are many options in inflatable. 

 These are just a few of the many giant inflatables that are available.

2. Fill your campsite with fog

A fog machine is a great way to add a spooky vibe to your campsite. This easy to use fog machine has remote control use and multiple colors to choose from. Make sure to purchase fog machine juice, as it is not included. 

3. Adorn your awning with pumpkin lights 

Pumpkins string lights are a fun way to decorate your indoor or outdoor space. You can hang them on your rv awning or attach them to nearby trees. These versatile lights can be used in a variety of ways and you also have the option of pumpkin battery-operated lights

4. Add a Halloween Welcome Mat

Spoke your halloween visitors with a halloween welcome mat. This simple idea is an easy way to decorate your space without adding more stuff to tote around. Just switch out your old welcome mat for a holiday one. There are cute and also spooky options. 

5. Create an RV Graveyard 

Create a spooky look in your campsite by creating a graveyard in your space with faux tombstones.  Or make a haunted trail through your site and give the look a more dramatic feel with a fog machine and scary music.

There are many ways to use faux tombstones in your decorations. And best of all, they are light and travel easy. 

6. Hang a Halloween banner 

Another simple way to a Halloween theme to your site is with a Halloween banner. Give it a classic look by also adding fall colored flowers and large and small pumpkins. The pumpkins can be real or plastic and plastic ones you can use again next year.

7. Add creepy window clings 

Window clings are a fun way to decorate your camper. Whether you have a camper van or travel trailer, the window decals are a no mess way to partake in the Halloween celebrations.

Just add a few outdoor lights and your decor can be as simple as that!

8. Let glowing Jack-o’-Lanterns lead the way

These solar powered jack-o-lanterns can be used in a variety of ways. Arrange them on your campsite to light the pathway to halloween treats or surround the campfire and make a spooky feel while telling scary stories.  

Just make sure they get sun during the day so they light up properly a night. 

9. Cast cobwebs around your site 

Pick up a pack of Halloween spider webs and cover your space with fake cobwebs and plastic spiders. This additional layer of decoration gives an added spooky effect. So if anyone you know has arachnophobia, they will be sure to stay far away from you.

10. Decorate with Halloween Lights

These are my favorite lights! Want to know why? Because with one string of lights you can decorate for every holiday.

These sturdy outdoor lights have settings for all the colors you want. Red, white and blue for summer, orange for fall, blue for Hanukkah, red and green for Christmas, and pink and purple for Valentine’s. They are your go to set of lights for every holiday. 

11. Get spooky with a strobe light

Strobe lights are both fun and scary, depending on how you use them. If you’re hosting any halloween events, then this is perfect for parties, haunted houses and also getting the attention of tricker treaters. Add some scary music and your site will be a spooky one. 

12. Play scary movies on a screen 

Set up white sheets as a movie screen and then use an outdoor projector to play halloween movies.  It’s a two in one fun activity that’s both entertainment and decoration.

Because while you’re not watching movies, you can still play them. This scary visual effect will be sure to create a spooky vibe in your campsite.  

13. Fill the sky with spooky things

Spooky season is here. And these laser light displays are the best way to decorate in a big way. With ghosts and goblins and all things halloween, these projectors go the extra mile to make your site stand out from the crowd. 

14. Hang ghosts, witch hats or bats at your site

Depending on your site set up, you can use nearby trees, a fence or your rv awning to hang these lightweight decorations. From spooky flying bats to hanging witches hats and floating pumpkins. There are all shapes and sizes and with lights or without. 

15. Add a giant spider to your RV

With these crazy big spiders you can cover your RV however you please. This decoration includes 3 different size spiders with bendable legs so you adjust to your needs. Looks great in the day or night!

Camper Halloween Decoration Ideas – Interior 

Campers are small, and therefore you don’t need to take up more storage space and add more stuff to the inside. But what we can do is replace the things we already have and use with fall and halloween  themed decor. So you can swap out stuff for the season without adding more stuff to create clutter. Here are 5 inspirational camper decorations for the inside.

1. Change out your pillows and dish towels

Swap out your everyday decor for fun Halloween pillows and Halloween dish towels.

2. Decorate with Halloween table settings

Include a Halloween tablecloth and or Halloween table runner for easy inside decorating.

3. Use Halloween inspired ice cubes in your drink

Spooky up those drinks with Halloween shaped ice cubes!

4. Add a fall or pumpkin centerpiece

You can either purchase or make a fall or pumpkin centerpiece to decor your interior. And this can be used for Thanksgiving too!

5. Hang up bats, pumpkins or hats

Adorn your walls or ceiling with Halloween themed decor. These fun bats were meant to adhese to the walls but could also hang from the ceiling.

Easy DIY Camper Halloween Decoration Ideas

And now for the arts and crafts section! It’s a great idea to get the entire family involved in the halloween decorating. These easy DIY RV Camper decorations are fun for everyone. So pack the craft supplies and get the whole family involved in the Halloween fun!

Spooky silhouettes

Grab some cardboard, paint and scissor and cut out some spooky creatures. You can put the cut outs in the windows or in the yard to create a fun scary feel.

Mummify your RV door or refrigerator

Use an RV door or refrigerator and make a mummy out of it. Take toilet paper or white paper streamers and wrap the door to give it a mummy look. Add some eyes and there you have it! 

Hang paper ghosts and bats from the ceiling

Use tissue paper and lollipops to make flying ghosts and black construction paper to cut out small paper bats. Hang them from the ceiling and on Halloween night you can take down the lollipop ghosts and give them out as trick or treats.  

Add bats or cats on the RV 

Cut out black cats or black bats and tape them to the RV. Use black construction paper or cardboard and paint it black. Then you can arrange them in a creative or fun way to display them on your camper or tent. 

Make silly pumpkins

Head over to a pumpkin patch and pick up a few pumpkins of all sizes. You can either paint the pumpkins and add giant eyeballs or googly eyes. Or you can use a pumpkin carving kit and make jack o lanterns. 

Make a ghostly appearance

Use some old white sheets and set up ghosts around your campsite. Place them around the campfire to make a spooky statement. 

Line the walkway with lanterns

Paper Lanterns are an easy and fun way to decorate your space. Pick up some white paper bags, black markers and battery operated tea lights. Make a silly or scary face on the bags and watch them come to life. 

Campground Halloween Activity Ideas

If your campground doesn’t have any Halloween related activities planned for the weekend, then these are ideas to create your own Halloween fun!

  • Halloween Movie Marathon
  • Halloween Games 
  • Pumpkin Carving Contests
  • Spooky Scavenger Hunts
  • Costume Contest
  • Make a Haunted House or Night Walk 

And for more campsite ideas & activities and even camping themed costumes:

Halloween Camping Ideas & Activities For Spooky Fun 

Fun Camping Themed Halloween Costumes & Activities 

So, there you have it! An array of camper Halloween decoration ideas and activities!

These ideas should help turn your camper into a Halloween haven, whether you’re camping in the woods or parked in your driveway. So have fun and enjoy your spooky camping adventure!

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