Fun Camping Themed Halloween Costumes & Activities 

Fall is in the air. And that means cool temperatures are moving in and the leaves are starting to change. It’s pumpkin spiced latte and hot apple cider time and October 31st will be here before you know it! So if you’ll be spending time in the great outdoors this Halloween season, we have a spooky amount of Halloween ideas for you! From camping themed Halloween costumes to Halloween camping ideas & activities. So get ready, because this years camping themed Halloween costumes guide is filled with spooktacular ideas for everyone!

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Halloween fun and celebrations happen all month long! So pull out that storage bin from last year and lets get to work on the perfect Halloween costume idea! Whether you plan to attend camping themed parties, will be camping over Halloween weekends or just want to have some Halloween fun, this is your inspiration or the perfect Halloween camping trip costume.

So instead of wearing traditional scary Halloween costumes, why not combine your love for camping with the spirit of Halloween? Camping themed Halloween costumes allow you to embrace the season while paying homage to your outdoor adventures. In this guide, we’ll explore over a dozen camping-inspired costume ideas that are perfect for the entire family. 

With all kinds of outdoor and camping themed Halloween costume ideas, you’ll be sure to find the perfect camping Halloween costume along with an array of festive fall activities.  

Store for Camping Themed Halloween Costumes & Activities

With many stores stocking up for the Halloween season, here are a few where you’ll be sure to find Halloween craft supplies and costumes:

  • Amazon
  • Wal-Mart & Target (seasonally)
  • Halloween Spirit Store (seasonally)
  • Joanne’s & Michael’s (seasonally)
  • Dollar Store
  • Thirft Store
  • Costume Stores

Camping Themed Halloween Activities 

With Halloween, so much of the fun comes with dressing up! Your imagination allows you to be a favorite character for a night, two or three. But the costumes can’t have all the fun! What about the activities?

From haunted houses and hayrides, costume contests and pumpkin carving, these traditional activities are also a huge part of Halloween. So embrace the Halloween spirit and join in the celebration with these spooktifiying Halloween activities.

Costume Contests

With everyone dressed in their best camping halloween costumes, it’s the prefect time to host a costume contest. Host it at your site and give awards for the best costume. Categories of winners could include most creative, scariest and best camping themed costume.

Golf Cart Decorating

Deck out your golf cart in spooky decorations. Add Halloween lights, skeletons and spiderwebs and enjoy a ride through the campground with fellow campers. You can also pass out candy along the way.

Halloween Party

Host a Halloween party and embrace the spooky spirit of the season. Make Halloween inspired treats and a witches brew for all to enjoy. Invite nearby campers and have a spooktacular Halloween celebration! It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends. 

Pumpkin Carving Contests & Pumpkin Painting

Halloween crafts are so much fun! So use your picnic table and set up a craft station with pumpkin carving kits and painting supplies. Encourage campers to paint a mini pumpkin and carve large ones. Give out awards for the best jack o’ lanterns and then use them as decoration when you decorate your site. 

Camp Site Decorating 

Pack those Camping Halloween Decorations and get those creative juices flowing! Have a campsite decorating contest and walk the campground to see all the spooktacular creations.  Need some camping decoration inspiration? This will help: 

Camper Halloween Decoration Ideas Both Spooky and Fun

Haunted Trail or Haunted House

Our campground had a haunted trail set up for campers to go through, but if yours doesn’t, then create your own. You can transform a nearby nature trail into a spooky experience. Decorate it with scary decorations, faux spider webs, purple lights, and even eerie sound effects for an unforgettable experience. 

You can also organize a group of campers and visit a local Haunted House. 

Spooky Scavenger Hunts

Spooky Scavenger Hunts uses a Halloween twist. You can list items or clues related to Halloween decorations or spooky creatures that campers need to find around the campground.

For even more Halloween activities, check out this extensive list of Halloween Camping Activities!

20 Inspiring Camping Themed Halloween Costumes

So let’s get going, this camping themed Halloween costumes guide is full of ideas for your next camping costume adventure. The guide offers costumes recommendations included with costume components to create the perfect detailed costume for you.  

So regardless if you are purchasing a store bought costume or putting together a DIY homemade costumes, this guide is a useful tool. So take a look, create and implement the looks so you can come up with your best camping themed Halloween costume yet.  

1. Campfire S’mores Crew

Costume Components:

  • Marshmallow costume
  • Chocolate costume
  • Graham cracker costume

Description:   This costume idea makes a great family costume! All you have do is transform your family into the essential components of a campfire s’mores treat. One family member can be a marshmallow, another the chocolate, and the third the graham cracker. Use cardboard, foam board and spray paint to create life-sized costume elements that come together for a sweet family ensemble.

Camping themed Halloween costumes
S’mores Camping Themed Halloween Costume | Photo credit

Read this easy tutorial on how to make a homemade s’mores costume. And of course you always purchase S’mores Costumes on Amazon too!

2. Forest Ranger or Park Ranger 

Costume Components:

  • Ranger hats
  • Khaki shirts
  • Flannel shirts
  • Khaki shorts or pants
  • Binoculars

Description: Do you enjoy exploring the outdoors and National Forests? Then Dress as forest rangers for a camping-themed Halloween adventure. Complete your look with ranger hats, khaki shirts, and binoculars. It’s a great idea for a group costume with a nod to your love for the great outdoors.

You can also be Smokey the Bear and hold a sign that says “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires”

3. Outdoor Adventurers

Costume Components:

  • Camping gear (e.g., backpacks, sleeping bags)
  • Outdoor clothing (e.g., flannel shirts, khaki shorts)
  • Hiking boots

Description: Echo the spirit of outdoor adventure by dressing as a family of outdoor enthusiasts. Deck yourselves out in hiking boots, backpacks, and camping gear. This costume is a fantastic way to celebrate the camping season and its really easy to put together too!

4. National Park Enthusiasts

Costume Components:

  • National Park t-shirts or sweatshirts
  • Maps of national parks
  • Backpacks

Description: Show appreciation to your favorite national park by dressing as devoted park enthusiasts. Dress as tourists/enthusiasts and wear t-shirts or sweatshirts featuring national park logos and carry maps of your chosen park.

You can also dress as experienced hikers and wear a signs that says “I just hiked Angel’s Landing” or “I just hiked Beehive”.

5. Campfire Ghost Stories

Costume Components:

  • White clothes or White Sheet
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Flashlights or Glow Sticks

Description: Campfire stories are an essential part of camping. So turn your family into eerie campfire ghost story narrators. You can dress in all white and use glow-in-the-dark paint to create ghostly designs. Carry flashlights or glow sticks to add spooky ambiance.

6. Wilderness Survivalists

Costume Components:

  • Tattered clothing
  • Fake dirt and leaves
  • Toy hunting equipment (e.g., plastic bow and arrows)

Description: Fan of the show Survivor? Then turn your Halloween costume into the persona of wilderness survivalists. Tear up old clothing, add fake dirt and leaves, and arm yourselves with toy hunting equipment. It’s a creative way to embrace the camping spirit.

7. Fall Foliage Fanatics or Leaf Peepers

Costume Components:

  • Autumn-colored clothing
  • Faux leaves
  • Wagon

Description: Happy Fall Y’all! Celebrate the beauty of fall camping by becoming fall foliage fanatics. Dress in autumn-colored clothing, attach faux leaves to your attire, and pull a wagon filled with leafy decorations.

8. Campground Trick-or-Treaters

Costume Components:

  • Trick-or-treat bags
  • Flashlights
  • Candy

Description: For a camping twist on traditional trick-or-treating, dress as campground trick-or-treaters. Carry trick-or-treat bags, flashlights, and a stash of candy to hand out to fellow campers.

9. Hiking and Biking Enthusiasts

Costume Components:

  • Biking helmets
  • Backpacks
  • Toy bikes

Description: Show your love for outdoor activities by dressing as hiking and biking enthusiasts. Wear biking helmets, backpacks, and carry toy bikes. It’s a fun way to celebrate camping season.

10. Campfire Storybook Characters

Costume Components:

  • Costume inspiration from favorite campfire storybook characters (e.g., Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood)

Description: Draw inspiration from your favorite campfire storybook characters. Whether it’s Peter Pan or Little Red Riding Hood, these themed costumes are sure to spark the imagination.

11. Wildlife or Bird Watchers

Costume Components:

  • Animal masks or costumes
  • Binoculars
  • Brimmed sun Hat and khaki clothes
  • Toy animals (e.g., plush bears, bird)

Description: The great outdoor is filled with a variety of wildlife. You can become your favorite wildlife watchers by dressing as your favorite animals. Wear animal masks or costumes, carry binoculars, and bring along toy animals to complete the look.

12. Campsite Decorators

Costume Components:

  • Decorations for your campsite (e.g., giant eyeballs, faux spiderwebs)
  • Camping gear

Description: As campsite decorators, recreate the ambiance of your campsite for Halloween. Incorporate decorations like giant eyeballs, faux spiderwebs, and more into your costumes.

13. Camper’s Night In

Costume Components:

  • Pajamas or sleeping bags
  • Campfire storybooks
  • Hot cocoa mugs

Description: Dress as campers having a cozy night in. Wear pajamas or sleeping bag costumes, carry campfire storybooks, and sip hot cocoa from toy mugs.

14. Zombie Apocalypse Survivalists

Costume Components:

  • Tattered clothing
  • Zombie makeup
  • Toy weapons

Description: Prepare for the zombie apocalypse by dressing as survivalists. Tear up clothing, apply zombie makeup, and carry toy weapons to fend off the undead.

15. John Muir and the Great Outdoors

Costume Components:

  • John Muir costume (e.g., beard, flannel shirt)
  • Outdoor scenery backdrop

Description: Honor the father of the national parks, John Muir, by dressing as the legendary naturalist. Complete the look with a flannel shirt and a backdrop featuring the great outdoors. You can also carry one of his books.

16. Addams Family Campers

Costume Components:

  • Addams Family-inspired costumes
  • Camping gear

Description: Give the Addams Family a camping twist by wearing Addams Family-inspired costumes while incorporating camping gear into your look. Ideas include: lantern, backpack, walking stick and other easy to carry camping equipment.

17. Bob Ross and the Happy Campground

Costume Components:

  • Bob Ross costume (e.g., wig, palette)
  • Canvas with camping-themed painting

Description: Embrace your inner artist by dressing as Bob Ross with a camping twist. Carry a canvas featuring a camping-themed painting to complete the look.

18. Campground Wildlife

Costume Components:

  • Animal costumes
  • Campground-themed props

Description: Transform into the wildlife that often visits campgrounds. Dress as animals like raccoons or bears and use campground-themed props to set the scene.

19. Outdoor Explorers

Costume Components:

  • Explorer hats
  • Binoculars
  • Maps

Description: Dress as outdoor explorers. Wear explorer hats, carry binoculars, and have maps at the ready for your next adventure. Mountain climbers, hikers, skiers and snowshoers all fall into this category.

20. Hocus Pocus Camping Crew

Costume Components:

  • Witch costumes
  • Broomsticks and Potions
  • Camping gear

Description: Combine the enchantment of “Hocus Pocus” with camping by dressing as the Sanderson sisters on a camping trip. Incorporate camping gear into your witchy attire.

In Conclusion

This extensive list of camping themed Halloween costumes is bound to spark your creativity and add a unique twist to your Halloween celebrations. Whether you’re dressing as forest rangers, wildlife watchers, or even the Addams Family on a camping trip, these costumes celebrate the camping spirit while embracing the spooky season.

So, gear up, get crafty, and embark on a Halloween camping adventure that the whole family will cherish for years to come.

Happy Halloween!

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