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20 Simple RV Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Love

One of the great things about RV camping is you get to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. The interior of your RV has everything you need to feel right at home with a kitchen, bathroom and comfy bed to sleep in. But what about your RV outdoor space? Are you looking for some simple RV outdoor living space ideas?

I think your outdoor space is just as or more important than your indoor space. After all, you went camping to enjoy the great outdoors, right? There are plenty of ways to transform your space. So if you need some help decorating your outdoor space, lets take a look at these RV outdoor living space ideas to turn your small space into a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

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All RV park and campsites are not created equal. So being flexible on decorating your space is a great way to make the most of your outdoor area. Sometimes you have a large area with lots of room and other times it might be a tight fit where all your stuff just won’t fit.

Either way with a little creativity you can create an outdoor living area thats inviting cozy and comfy. So whether you RV full-time or are a weekend RV Camper. These ideas are sure to be a great addition to your outdoor RV campsite setup. So lets take a look at some different ways to make the most of your outdoor use and space.

20 RV Outdoor Living Space Ideas

1. Find The Perfect Outdoor Rug

The best place to start when decorating your outdoor space is the rug. Your rug will determine the overall look of your outdoor area. Its also an affordable option to transform your space. A few things to consider when selecting a rug: size, color, material and shape.

2. Create A Cozy Seating Area

Whether you use camping chairs or patio furniture, selecting your outdoor chairs is not an easy task. There are so many to choose from. But whichever you choose, make sure they are functional and comfortable. You may want to consider the size and weight and storage when you have to move them.

3. Add A Funny Or Inviting Welcome Mat

You can show off you sense of humor with a variety of welcome mats. This is a fun way to decorate your space that doesn’t take much money.And you can swap them out for different seasons throughout the year.

4. Decorate Your Picnic Table

Turn your boring picnic table into a cute and inviting place to enjoy a meal, play a card game or just hang out. You can add a table cloth, some plants, a decorative sign, candles or solar lighting. Its a fun way to add a personal touch to your outdoor space and you can change it up by season and holiday!

5. Add A Fire To Warm Up Chilly Nights

One of the best purchases we made was a propane fire pit. It is so nice to just turn it on and then turn it off. And with the dry weather and fire bans, you can still use your propane fire pit all year long. You can even roast marshmallows on it, just make sure they don’t melt into the fire. This is our fire pit and we love it.

6. Set-Up An Outdoor Screen Room

During the buggy months, its really nice to have an outdoor area you can enjoy bug free. And you can also put your picnic table and camp chairs in this space. Decorate it with some string lights and you have a very cozy protected outdoor seating area.

We met fellow campers with a Clam Quick Set Escape. It was easy to set up and the picnic table fits inside. It was a cold night out, so we even put the propane fire pit inside to keep warm. So its a dual function of outdoor space.

7. Change The Mood With Outdoor Lighting

An easy way to transform an outdoor area is with lighting. There are many options to choose. There are fairy lights, string lights, solar lights and rope lights. We really like these outdoor lights. They are waterproof, shatterproof and have a variety of color selections. So you can change the light colors with the holiday and then will only need one set of lights . They are a little heavy, however very sturdy.

8. Keep The Bugs Away with Citronella Candles

With citronella candles you can keep the bugs away and create some nice lighting. Its a fun yet functionally way to decorate your space. Use the candles on a table or around the perimeter of your area to help create a bug free zone while enjoying the outside. And if you really want a fun look, add some table top tiki torches.

9. Create An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to cook then setting up an outdoor kitchen is a must. It can be an easy and simple set up to something more elaborate. You can turn your RV patio area into a gourmet cooking station. These outdoor kitchen set ups are great way to organize your kitchen items and make great options for cooking outside.

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10. Turn Your Toy Hauler Into An Outdoor Living Room

With todays RV floor plans you can expand your RV interior onto your Toy Hauler RV deck. Setting up an outdoor living space that feels like an extension of your living space is an excellent option for making better use of your space. And its another element of bringing the indoors outside.

More Great RV Outdoor Living Space Ideas

11. Watch Hummingbirds At The Bird Feeder

We love watching birds at the bird feeder. The feeders add a decorative element to your outdoor space and are enjoyable to watch from inside or outside the RV. You can choose from a variety of feeders and styles.

12. Use Plants To Decorate Outside The RV

Fresh flowers always make you feel good. So why not make them part of your outdoor elements. Find some seasonal blooming flowers and you will have fresh flowers all the time. You can set them on your picnic table in a decorative container and creative a beautiful living centerpiece. You can even hang planters on shepherds hooks in the yard or from the RV with suction cup hooks.

13. Listen To The Sound Of Running Water

The sound of running water is relaxing and calming. Its easy to add a small unique water feature to your outdoor living space. And placed strategically you might be able to hear it at night with your bedroom window open and fall asleep to the soothing sound.

14. Create A Cooling Shade Area To Relax Under

In the hot summer months it is much more enjoyable to have a shaded area to enjoy the outdoors. These screen additions are amazing to add to your RV awning.

However, if your camper does not have an RV awning there are other ways you can create shade. You can put up a shade tent, a shade sail or umbrella to keep cool during warm sunny days.

15. Line A Walking Path With Solar Lights

With solar lighting you can be so creative on decorating your space. You are not limited to an electrical cord and have a lot of freedom on location. We love these bottle top solar lights. You can use old wine or alcohol bottles and use them to decorate. These solar flame lights are also a favorite.

16. Get Creative With Your Yard Art

We love to add all kinds of yard art to our campsite set up. From spinners to wind chimes and other things we find along the way in our travels. It personalizes the space and reminds us of places we have traveled with our camper.

17. Have Green Grass On The Go With Artificial Turf

Another way to transform your outdoor space is to add a grass like outdoor rug. If gives the illusion of grass and is really fun, They are just a little more work to keep clean, but they still look and feel great.

18. Turn Your Space Into A Playground

With so many outdoor games to play. You can easily set up a yard game area from horseshoes, cornhole, bocce ball and ladder toss. You can make a playground for both kids and adults right outside your door.

19. Relax By Swinging In A Cozy Hammock

With a hammock you can create a relaxing element in your campsite. Taking some time out to sit under a tree, enjoy the sounds or just be. A hammock is a great addition. Even if you do not have nearby trees you still have a hammock with these self hanging options.

20. Make A Movie Night Set Up

With a cozy seating area you can transform your outdoor space into a great place to watch a movie. If you have a projector, then adding a screen, putting up a white sheet or projecting onto the RV can turn your space into a campsite theatre. Pop up some popcorn and you have the perfect movie night!

Give some of these RV outdoor living space ideas a try

As you can see there are a variety of ways to transform your outdoor space. And I hope some of these RV outdoor living space ideas inspire you to create your perfect outdoor space. So try one or try a few!

Have fun decorating and happy camping!

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