40 Best RV Camping Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day 2024

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special Mom who enjoys the great outdoors? Well, we have an amazing list of Mother’s Day Gifts for that special lady in your life. So, look no further because you are about to discover the 40 Best RV Camping Gifts For Mom this Mother’s Day.

This list includes so many awesome gifts. That you will be able to find many gifts ideas that active moms will love!

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This perfect gift guide includes everything you need for an outdoorsy mom! From practical gifts to unique gifts with all price points. Ranging from under $50, under $100 and up to big-ticket items. So if you are looking for the best camper gifts for mom you have come to the right place.

So, let’s take a look and find a few things the mom loves so you can give her the perfect camping gift to use on her next camping trip. Psst…We also have a great gift list for RV Dads!

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So lets jump right in and discover some of the best camping gifts for Mom or the outdoorsy woman in your life!

Best Camping Gifts for Mom Under $50

1. RV State Sticker Travel Map

The first great camping gift on the list is an RV State Sticker Travel Map of the United States. It’s the perfect gift for Mom RV owners. And a fun way for mom to track all the beautiful states she has or will visit. This sticker map can be used indoor or outdoor and is weatherproof and UV protected. This gift is affordable and fun!

2. National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Another great gift is the National Parks Scratch Off Poster. This is such a great way for Mom to keep track of all the National Parks she has visited. It fits in a 16×20 standard frame and can easily hang on the wall.

3. Travel Journal & Planner

A travel journal is a wonderful way to keep track of all the places you visit. And a planner is very helpful for planning your travels. So If Mom loves to travel to different places in the RV and around the world, she will love this gift.

4. S’mores Kit

A smores kit is a gift that all family members can enjoy. And making s’mores over the open fire is one of the best parts about camping in the great outdoors.

5. Stainless Steel Insulated Mug

Insulated stainless steel mugs keep are a great way to keep your beverage chilled or warmer longer. They are shatterproof, lightweight and great for travel with spill resistant lids. They make the perfect gift for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

6. Merino Wool Socks

Wool socks make the perfect gift for cold weather camping. They are also great for hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing. So if Mom does not have a pair of wool socks, they are a perfect addition for her cold weather camping gear.

7. Fun Mug for Coffee

You can add a little humor to her morning coffee and bring a smile to Mom’s face with these funny coffee mugs. There are so many designs and saying to choose from. Or you can get creative and create your own.

8. Messy Bun Hairpiece

Nobody really likes to fix their hair while camping. With this messy bun hairpiece, Mom can look fabulous in minutes without spending much time or effort. It is fun, fashionable and affordable. Its kinda like effortless beauty.

9. Insulated Wine Glass

These insulated wine glasses are a great idea if Mom enjoys white wine or red wine chilled. Just pop them in the freezer or refrigerator for a few hours until ready to use. They are an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys wine and they come in many colors.

10. Bottle of Wine

And to go with those innovative wine glasses, you can pick up a bottle of Mom’s favorite wine.

11. Case of DRAM

However if Mom does not drink alcoholic beverages, you can gift her some CBD drinks. CBD is calming, relaxing and can help with anxiety among other things. These drinks taste great and are a great alternative to drinking alcohol while camping. You can order some HERE.

12. Insulated Water Bottle

With so many colors to choose from, this is the perfect gift to help Mom stay hydrated. Insulated water bottles come in different sizes and lid types for all of your beverage needs. There is a good chance she already has a water bottle, however I’m sure she would still enjoy a new one.

13. Lynx Stay-Put Hangers

Looking for more practical RV gifts? Then help mom organize her clothes in the RV. These Lynx stay put hangers are a great option. What better way to keep your clothes in order and off the floor. Great for the RV and home and are strong enough to hold heavy gear.

14. RV Camping Journal

To help Mom keep track of the memories, this camping journal will log 12 trip in total. With space for campground info, notes and photos. Its the perfect way to help remember all the details about your favorite campgrounds.

15. Board Games

Sometimes while camping you have to spend time indoors. I was recently introduced to this fun Wild Dominos Game called Spinner. Everyone loved it! So its always a great idea to have some board games on hand in the camper just incase you have a rainy day.

16. Picnic Table Accessories

Help Mom transform her boring standard table into a cute picnic camping experience! With these waterproof table and seat covering available in many different colors, she can brighten up the outdoor space. And won’t have to worry about dirty surfaces or splinters with these fun picnic table covers.

17. French Press

A french press is another great gift for camping Moms. It makes great coffee and operates without power, so perfect for off the grid camping. And can be used to make other drinks like tea, hot chocolate and cold brews.

18. Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

Everybody loves a mosquito free campsite. With Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Mom can enjoy spending time outdoors without the hassle of swatting at mosquitos. The repellent protects a 20ft area and comes with a 2 year warranty.

19. Hiking Poles

These hiking poles are the prefect gift for Moms who love to hike and enjoy the outdoors. Lightweight, adjustable and available in a variety of colors. Some of these also adapt to all weather conditions with interchangeable pole accessories.

20. Happy Camper

Yes, this may be an awkward gift, it is however a practical one! This RV holding tank treatment, Happy Camper, is the best I have used and won’t go back to any other. If you have ever had a stinky RV tank, you know what I mean. So RV Moms will thank you for this gift.

21. Audio Book Membership

The best part about audio books is they don’t take up any space. This is the perfect gift for a traveler with limited space. You can sign up HERE to gift an Audible Membership for a 1 , 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

And if you are curious about Audible Plus, you can sign up for a FREE trail HERE.

Best Camping Gifts for Mom Under $100

22. National Parks Pass

For $80 you can enjoy a year of unlimited admission to the National Parks with the American The Beautiful National Parks Pass. Give the gift of adventure to experience the beauty of our National Parks. You can purchase one HERE.

23. Harvest Host or Boondockers Welcome Membership

If new experiences are on her bucket list this year, then a membership to Harvest hosts would be a great gift! This annual membership allows RVers unlimited access to farms, breweries, wineries, and attractions across North America. The membership allows you to stay overnight at any of these businesses and in return, all you have to do is support them by making a purchase.

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You may also like the Boondockers Welcome. Boondockers Welcome opens up a world of new camping opportunities. Escape the crowded and noisy campground in favor of a private spot on a beautiful property and a meaningful connection with a friendly host. Enjoy truly unique stay experiences often without any sacrifice to comfort as 70% of Boondockers Welcome hosts offer hookups.

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24. Propane Fire Pit

A propane fire pit is a great gift to keep Mom warm on a chilly camp night. This fire pit is easy to use and transport. We’ve had ours a few years now and love it. Its great because: with the turn of a switch you can enjoy warmth of a fire without the campfire smoke.

25. Hammock

With this gift Mom can kick back, relax and enjoy the outdoors. Hammocks come in a variety of styles. Some attach with hooks to trees and some include the heavy duty stand which assembles easily and can hold up to two people. Nonetheless, its a nice gift you can enjoy all season long.

26. Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

This Keurig mini coffee maker makes a great addition to your RV appliances. With a compact space saver design, it fits almost anywhere. Brews fresh and fast coffee in minutes. And the energy efficient model shuts off automatically after each use.

27. Soft Cooler

This soft sided cooler is the perfect size for an outdoor adventure on the go. Its lightweight, leak-proof and some of them even float. They are great for keeping your items chilled for up to 24 hours. Looking for a favorite color? No problem, they are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

28. Air Fryer

If you can’t find an air fyer in Moms RV kitchen, then this is a great gift. They make cooking easy with little clean up. And you can make all kinds of things with an air fryer. If she likes to cook and doesn’t have one, this is it!

Camping Gifts for Mom over $100

29. Camping Chair

This is my favorite camping chair. It can be used as a chair or recliner and the attached side table is perfect to hold your glass or small plate. After 2 years of full time use, it started to show some wear, so it was definitely worth the price. And its available in a variety of colors too.

30. Ice Maker

Kitchen gadgets make great gifts. And with a portable counter top ice maker, you can have ice ready on the go. Fits great on RV countertops and makes up to 26lbs of ice per day. Great for camping and when you need extra ice without the storage space.

31. Air Fryer Smart Oven

Another great kitchen items is an air fryer/smart oven. It is an air fryer, oven and grill all in one. With 100 pre-programmed menu presets and an integrated digital temperature probe, this gadget makes cooking so easy! Just set the timer and go! I haven’t tried it yet, but with so many great reviews, its on my wish list!

32. Rumpl Blanket

The Rumpl Banket is the original puffy blanket. They are weatherproof, durable, comfy and made from the same material as technical premium outdoor gear. Therefore being the perfect camping and outdoor blanket. Light and packable they can also travel everywhere that you do!

33. Towel Warmer

Make Mom feel extra special with this luxury camping gift. A towel warmer is a game changer for cool mornings in the camper. What a nice way to start the day with a warm cozy towel after a relaxing hot shower. Making this the ultimate gift for luxury camping. This gift will make Mom feel very pampered.

34. E-Bike

If Mom enjoys road biking, mountain biking or just cruising around, an E-bike is a fun gift and another way to get around. Some even fold up to make it easy to transport around in the RV. E-bikes are a fun mode of transportation to explore new areas on your travels.

35. Washing Machine

With this mini style washing machine, it is small enough to fit in the bathroom, closet or covered outside. So, its no problem adding it to your camping set up. Doing laundry is easy on the road with this compact washing machine. And then Mom can spend more time having fun instead of going to the laundry mat.

36. Pizza Oven

Everybody loves pizza! And now, Mom can make delicious pizza on the go with this portable propane pizza oven. It’s just the right size, cooks pizza quick and makes the best camping gift! And when Mom’s not using it on the road, you can use it at home!

37. Luxury Tent

These are the coolest tents around! Such a fun way to sleep under the stars in this glamping bell tent. Bell tents have many uses and the ways to decorate them are endless. Mom can use it to go glamping, for a party, festival, holiday and so much more! This tent style is definitely emerging.

38. RV Lock

Say good-bye to carrying around your camper key. With this keyless entry system it makes leaving and locking the camper easy. The keyless unit fits most trailers and is best for right hand users.

39. Memory Foam Mattress

Get a good nights sleep with a new memory foam mattress. You can choose from an 8 or 10 inch thickness. And it comes with a 10 year warranty. This highly rated foam mattress is available at a great price.

40. Pop-Up Screen Patio

This is a gift the whole family can enjoy. The screen patio offers protection from bugs and mosquitos while enjoying the outdoors. Large enough to fit a small table and chairs. The screen room measures 10 x 10. Its a nice gift that gives you extra room outside.

So, what do you think about these camping gifts for Mom?

And there you have it! The 40 best RV camping gifts for Mom. Its the perfect gift giving guide for outdoor moms because its full of great gift ideas. So, I hope you find a great Mother’s Day gift or other holiday camping gifts for Mom.

Looking for a gift for your RV Dad? RV Camping Gifts For DAD: The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide

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Enjoy your time outdoors and happy camping!

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