Essential Guide To Your Beach Camping Packing List

I love the beach! And camping at the beach is even better. However, being prepared with the proper gear and set up can make or break your experience. So, regardless if you are car camping, tenting camping or RV camping, this beach camping packing list will be a life saver! Because it always feels like when you leave the house, you remember all the things you forgot to pack. Who’s with me on this? So thats’s why I put together this beach camping checklist.

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Welcome beach campers! Whether this is your first beach camping trip or an annual one. This essential items and gear list is sure to help! From sleeping in a tent to making meals on the beach, this is your ultimate camping packing list. So lets get to packing and have great time at the beach!

So Lets Determine What’s On Your Beach Camping Packing List

Ultimately the type of camping and the camping destination will determine what you need to bring to make your camping trip a success. So lets get started and determine what you need for your next camping trip.

Are You Beach Camping In A Car, Tent or RV?

  • RV Camping: If you are camping in travel trailers or other self contained units then you won’t need to pack a tent to sleep in. You will however want to pack for outdoor shade.
  • Tent Camping and Car Camping: If you are tent camping, then these items should be on your packing list. And if you need to purchase some gear for your camping trip, consider these options:

Beach Camping Tents for 2 to 4 people. Water resistant, easy to set up and come with a carrying case. Don’t forget the sand stakes!

With a sleeping bag liner, you can keep sand out of your sleeping bag. And It’s also easy to clean afterwards. Pack a sleeping pad or blow up mattress. They help to get a good nights sleep, then you don’t technically have to sleep on the ground.

And if your tent doesn’t have a rain fly, this can be used for both rain and shade. It is pretty versatile and made of super strong fabric.

At the beach, sand gets everywhere. So having a foot bath to clean your feet and a broom to remove the sand from your RV or tent can be very helpful in keeping a tidy camp.

PRO TIP: When camping on the beach make sure to watch the high tide line. You don’t want to get stuck in the sand and you also don’t want to wake up to water in your tent. It’s an easy first time mistake, but one that can be avoided. So it is a good idea to camp closer to the sand dunes rather than the water’s edge.

Are You Camping At A Remote Beach Campsite Or Resort Camping?

Where are you camping? Will you camp somewhere remote and be dry camping on the beach? Or will you be at a beach campground with shore power and water, fire pit and a picnic table. These are all things to consider while planning.

Will you have access to fresh water? You can use these containers to fill up water from a local water source or you can bring in your own water. These containers are collapsable, so you can save on space when they are not in use. I always like setting up two water stations, one for hand washing and dishes and one for drinking. Just remember to pack the biodegradable soap.

Will you have access to electricity? If the answer is no, then you may want to consider one of these power options. Depending on how much electricity you plan to use. You can consider a generator, a solar charger or a power bank.

Beach Camping Packing List

What’s The Weather Forecast For Your Trip?

The weather can change fast from bright and sunny to rain and thunder. Cold weather can also blow in from nowhere. Its always a good idea to have a backup plan if things go south on the beach. If you are camping in an RV then you are protected from the elements, but tent camping in another story. We have had to pack up fast from fast approaching storms so just be aware and keep an eye on the weather forecast. It is always a good idea to locate nearby shelter in case of an emergency.

However, lets just hope its sunny and beautiful the entire time! In that case, you should bring a shade tent to give yourself a little extra protection from the sun.

Cooking And Food Ideas For Your Beach Camping Trip

Regardless if you are camping in an RV or a tent, beach camping usually involves cooking on a campfire or camp stove. If you need a gas stove, consider this Coleman Camp Stove. And remember to bring extra fuel.

You can be creative while cooking on the campfire. Here are some campfire cooking ideas and essentials.

TIP: Don’t forget the wood, fire starter, lighter, matches and fire pit if not included in your camping spot.

This sturdy campfire tripod works great for cooking over the fire. It holds a dutch oven, pots, pans and can even convert into a grill.

You may also like these gadgets that making cooking on the campfire fun and easy. These roasting sticks are great option for cooking hotdogs and s’mores. And these pie irons are great for making warm sandwiches using cold cuts, cheese and your favorite bread. They also make fruit pies for dessert.

And for some no-cooking options, take a look at this: 15 Easy Salad Recipes For Camping Everyone Will Love

If you are not camping in an RV, then bring a cooler, two or three. One cooler can store your food, one can store beverages and one can hold ice for drinks.

And after dinner when the campfire is still burning. You can add these great Mystical Fire color packets. They add fun color effects the the fire. Just toss them in and watch them burn. We love to use them!

The Essential Beach Camping Packing List

Now that we have most of the other stuff covered, lets get to the fun part! The beach!

One thing I always forget to pack is a beach bag to put all my stuff in.

Now you can fill that bag will all the things you will need at the beach!

Turkish towels make a great beach towel. They are light weight, don’t take up much space, dry fast, can be used a blanket and also can be used a wrap. It’s a good idea to have a few extra beach towels around.

You will need some good sunblock for the face and body. Mineral based sunscreens work the best. These are two of my favorite for your face. A protective lip balm and aloe vera should also go in your beach bag.

Bring a good book or download some audio books. Also, this little speaker is surprisingly good for its size. It is so small you can take it anywhere. Pack it in your suitcase, in your beach bag or attach it to your bicycle basket.

At the beach, make sure you stay hydrated. I love these insulated water bottles. That way you can enjoy a cold beverage on a hot day without it getting warm.

Beach Day Camping Equipment To Pack

If you have a shade tent you may not need a beach umbrella. But definitely make sure you have some kind of shade. There are camp chairs that come with a shade tent or you can bring a beach chair with an umbrella. Make sure your umbrella has a sand anchor so its secures into the sand.

Under your shade tent or umbrella, this sand free beach blanket is the perfect addition to your beach day set up. It is light weight, quick drying and compact for carrying.

Clothing To Pack For The Beach

This is a simple list of clothing items to pack for the beach:

  • Bathing suit
  • Beach Cover-up
  • Comfy Clothes
  • Loose-fitting UV-rated shirts
  • Broad-brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip flops
  • Water shoes
  • Sweatshirt

Beach Toys For Your Day At The Beach

Just sitting at the beach can get boring. If you want some activity at your beach camp, these toys will be sure to get the body moving. From water toys and more, here are a few of our favorites:

And if you are looking for some other camping activities: 25 Couples Camping Activities For The Best Romantic Trip

Safety Items For Your Beach Camping Packing List

It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand whenever you travel. Other items you should also include are bug spray for mosquitos and no-see-ums, anti itch cream or after bite and aloe vera.

You should pack a life jacket if you plan to do any water activities like kayaking or SUP.

And don’t forget the toilet paper!

Happy Camping And Enjoy The Beach

I hope you found this beach camping packing list helpful! This list is a great way to remember all the important things you need to bring on your next beach camping trip. So cheers to happy camping!

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