Fun Michigan Mushroom Festivals For A Fungi Good Time

Everywhere we travel, we love to visit farmers markets. We actually seek them out. And during our summer adventure through the state of Michigan we found the most amazing mushrooms at local farmer’s markets. Looking back, I wish we could have attended one of the Michigan mushroom festivals. Because from that summer, my love for this elusive delicacy has grown and continues to do so. 

Our first introduction to mushroom hunting was a truffle hunting tour in Italy. Then we found a foraging tour in Asheville, NC and now we are always on the lookout for unique mushroom things. I wish every state had mushrooms festivals to attend.

Did you know that Michigan is a great state for mushrooms. The town of Mesick, MI is known as the mushroom capital of the United States. There you can forage for mushrooms anytime between mid April to mid June. With May known to be morel month in Michigan. 

Morel season in Michigan brings with it festivals, fun and lots of morel tastings. So if you’re looking to explore the great outdoors and partake in some adventurous fun, then continue reading to discover where you can find Michigan mushroom festivals, foraging tours, classes and more!

Michigan Mushroom Festivals to Attend

Welcome all mushroom lovers. Lets hope this is a good year for hunting mushrooms and making some mouth-watering treats. From morel-laden entrees to secret hunting places, its morel mushroom time in the Mitten state.  And this is your guide to experience what Michigan mushroom festivals are all about!

Michigan Mushroom Festivals

1. National Morel Mushroom Festival  

May 16 – 19, 2024 | Boyne City, MI

Michigan, in late spring is a great state to find the marvelous morel mushrooms. So, the National Morel Mushroom Festival is a great place for morel mushroom lovers. This time of year Michigan’s mighty morel summons fans from all over to join together in small-town Boyne City the first weekend after Mothers Day. The entire family will enjoy this 4 day festival with live music, mushroom seminars, morel hunt, carnival, crafts show, famers market, tasting events and more. 

Get your tickets to events such as the Morel Mushroom Hunt, Saturday nights Motherload Bash at Veterans Memorial Park, and Taste of Morels, where you will find the largest concentration of morel mushroom cooking. They all sell out in advance, so get your tickets soon. 

This festival is a fabulous place to experience all things mushroom and enjoy this great Michigan town and nearby Traverse City. 

Michigan Mushroom Festivals

2. Annual Mesick Mushroom Festival 

May 10 -12, 2024 | Mesick, MI

Mesick Lions Mushroom Festival is another celebration of the great moral mushrooms. This family friendly event takes place in the small town of Mesick over Mothers Day weekend. It’s filled with 3 days of fun activities including mushrooms contest, flea market, crafts show, softball tournaments, grand parade, mushroom 5K and more. 

It’s a must-visit place for beginner and expert hunters. So, check out the schedule of activities, and  don’t forget to pick up your mushroom pickers kit for $6 each. 

3.  Enthofest 

September 2024 | Ann Arbor, MI

Enthofest is a (fairly recent) annual celebration of the decriminalizing of Entheogens (meaning psychedelic mushrooms). This open-minded event will celebrate its fourth year in September, and also declaring this month as Entheogenic Plant and Fungi Awareness Month.  Enthofest is an afternoon of education and awareness celebrating with live music, sound bath, community art project and many other activities.

So, if you have in interest in learning more about psychedelic mushrooms, then you should attend because there is information on where and how to get involved.

4. Osseo Heritage Day & Great Mushroom Hunt 

May 11, 2024 | Osseo, MI

The Osseo Heritage Day is an annual event held on the Saturday of Mother’s Day Weekend.  The festival was created to celebrate the small town of Osseo and bring mushroom enthusiasts together for mushroom hunts in the nearby woods. After the hunt, awards are given for the categories including largest, smallest and youth competition. Last year participants collected 149.55 pounds of the tasty mushrooms. So, maybe this year you can help collect more! 

Michigan Mushroom Festivals
Mushroom hunting at Michigan Mushroom Festivals

Other Michigan Mushroom Activities 

Festivals aren’t the only place to find mushrooms in Michigan. You can find them at the farmers market, local restaurants, foraging tours and sometimes even your own land. And check this out; there is even a mushroom house in Michigan.  

Michigan Mushroom Festivals

Will Forage For Food | Great Lakes Region

Will Forage For Food is a community of people interested in mushrooms. Here they say you can “go grocery shopping in the woods”. With classes, camps, and communty events there are many ways to partake in the mushroom fun. You can also join their  facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming events. 

Can Eat This Foraging Co | Grand Rapids, MI 

Can Eat This Foraging Co hosts foraging classes all year long. You will learn how to identify edible wild plants, where to forage in Michigan and the laws of foraging. You can also “rent a forager.” Which means they will come out and walk your land to help you learn to identify edible delights. 

They also provide edible wild food for many Michigan restaurants. 

Apple Acres Farms | Houghton, MI

Apple Acre is an off grid family farm located in the Keweenaw Peninsula. At the farm you can experience farm life with an off grid farm stay, farm tours and experiences, farm fresh product and more.  Its a unique way to enjoy and farm and wild mushroom foraging experience! 

Stay at a Mushroom House | Charlevoix, MI

Want to stay in a mushroom shaped home? Well, you are in luck and can find them in Michigan. There are 3 vacation rentals in Charlevoix, however “The Thatch House’ is the most popular and wel known. Their unique design is modeled after a mushroom and is very impressive.

Mushroom House in Charlevoix, MI
Mushroom House in Charlevoix, MI

If staying isn’t an option, you can just walk by the house to see it. Or there are mushroom house tours available during the spring, summer and fall seasons. 

In Summary

There are many things mushroom in Michigan and the Michigan mushroom festivals are just a piece of it. So have a fungi good time exploring all the mushroom related activities in the state.

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