Best Things To Do In Manistique MI Upper Peninsula

We spent a month exploring Michigan’s upper peninsula. And Manistique was the last stop on our journey. It was a great end to the trip because the town was a perfect blend of things to do and also relaxing enough to enjoy our beautiful campsite on Lake Michigan. So, in this blog post we’ll talk about the best things to do in Manistique, MI. And I hope this small town makes your UP travel list!

Things to do in Manistique MI

1. Manistique Visitor Center

The visitor center is always a good place to start when visiting a new place. The Manistique Tourism Council is located at 1000 W. Lakeshore Drive. So make sure to stop in and grab some brochures and get your picture taken with the Paul Bunyan statue.

2. Ride the floating platform at Kitch-iti-kipi

The Big Spring, called Kitch-iti-kipi is located at Palms Brook State Park and is something you don’t want to miss. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Manistique, MI.

The spring is open all year long and daily from 8AM to 10PM. I would suggest arriving early in the summer months, before 10AM or after 5PM to miss the crowds. Because you will have to stand in line to wait if you get there late.

You can easily spend an hour or two just viewing the spring, learning about the history, walking around the property, and browsing the gift shop. So make sure to give yourself enough time when you visit.

Riding the observation raft at The Big Spring

About The Big Spring

To really enjoy the spring, and get the best views, you will want to ride the observation raft that floats over it. The raft is more of a floating wooden platform that is operated by a pulley system that takes you across the spring. And raft participants, using the pulley are how you move across the spring, because it doesn’t move itself.

The water is so clear you can easily see down 45 feet as you move across the water and watch as gallons of clear water gush from the bottom. The spring flows at the rate of more than 10,000 gallons of water per minute and is a constant temperature of 45 degrees fahrenheit.

You will also see lake trout, brown trout and brook trout swimming around the water. They move freely from the The Big Spring to Indian Lake. You might also notice some fish have a clipped fin, this is something the hatchery does so you can identify wild from hatchery raised fish.

The only way you can view the big spring is on the observation raft. Swimming, snorkeling or diving are not permitted in the spring. It’s a beautiful float across the spring, we actually went across twice, so enjoy it!

3. Visit the Manistique Boardwalk

Lake Michigan shore along the Manistique boardwalk trail

You can enjoy a nice walk along the north shore of Lake Michigan on the Manistique boardwalk and river walk. The walkway extends 1.83 miles and has parking areas on both ends. On the walkway you have access to the fishing pier, picnic area, nature and wildlife viewing and the East Breakwater Light.

The boardwalk is great way for you to get some exercise and enjoy the views. Just note, this path is only for pedestrians, as bicycles are not permitted on the trail.

5. Walk to the East Breakwater Light

The Manistique Breakwater Lighthouse is located off the boardwalk in the Manistique Harbor. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. You can take a nice walk along the pier to get to the lighthouse. Enjoy the views and capture a great photo at sunset when the red lighthouse catches the sunlight just right.

You can see from the Instagram post, the walk took a little longer than we expected. However, still fun and worth it!

6. Stroll Around the Social District

Manistique was the first district in the UP to launch a Social District. The Social District allows you to stroll around a designated area downtown with an alcoholic beverage. You can explore the area, listen to music or wait for your dinning table, all within the common areas of the district. Check the website for participating restaurants.

7. Explore the Downtown Shopping Area

The downtown area of Manistique is small but full of charm. With a handful of restaurants and shops to visit, it is worth spending some time walking around.

Make sure to stop into The Mustard Seed and Bostique for some fun and unique finds. These were our favorite shops downtown.

Shopping at The Mustard Seed downtown Manistique

8. Outdoor Recreation at Indian Lake State Park

The state park is located about 4 miles west from the town of Manistique and Indian Lake is the 4th largest inland lake in Michigan’s upper peninsula. According to records, Indians lived in log cabins near the outlet of the lake, and probably the reason Indian Lake has its name.

The state park offers camping with a swim beach, a beach house , boat ramp, horseshoe pits and volleyball court.

The area around the lake offers endless recreational opportunities such as Hiawatha National Forest, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, and the Manistique River.

9. Catch a Fish at Manistique Lake

If you enjoy fishing then this is your place! Manistique Lake is one of six lakes that make up the largest lake complex in the upper peninsula. Wish a variety of fish species, you can expect world class trophy fishing from these lakes.

10. Seul Choix Point Lighthouse

With more than 40 lighthouses in Michigan’s upper peninsula, you can add another lighthouse to visit while in Manistique. The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is located about 20 minutes away is still fully operational. The museum and lighthouse tours are open seasonally from Memorial Day to mid October.

things to do in Manistique MI
Seul Choix Point Lighthouse

11. Try your luck at Kewadin Casino

For a little gambling fun you can always visit the local Kewadin Casino.

12. Tour the Historic Buildings at Fayette State Park

things to do in Manistique MI
The historic buildings at Fayette State Park

Located about 30 minutes from Manistique you will find Fayette State Park and Historic Town. I was surprised by how much we enjoyed this activity and it was probably our second favorite among things to do in Manistique MI.

We learned a lot about this historic site and the once bustling industrial community. Snail Shell Harbor, located within the historic community was once one of the most productive iron-smelting operations in the upper peninsula. You can learn about the history of the town through guided tour and information at the visitor center. It was a unique experience to be able to tour all of the historic buildings. So make sure to allow a few hours up to half a day to walk around the property.

things to do in Manistique MI
View from the scenic overlook trail at Fayette State Park

Also, don’t miss the scenic overlook trail. It’s a great place to get a birds eye view of the beautiful scenery of the property and the lake. Afterwards you can relax and enjoy a snack in the picnic areas and then head over to the gift shop.

The state park also offers RV camping and overnight and day use boating opportunities. Hours vary by season, so check in before you visit.

12. See the historic tall brick water tower

things to do in Manistique MI
The Schoolcraft County Historical Park and Water Tower

Visit the Schoolcraft County Historical Park and Water Tower. The tall brick tower was built in 1922. It’s an octagonal red brick structure standing 137 ft high and 38ft wide. It’s one of the most noticeable landmarks in town, so you can’t miss it when you drive by. Along with the tower you will find a museum and farmhouse to tour, all part of the Schoolcraft County Historical Society.

13. Visit Thompson State Fish Hatchery

Follow the yellow fish road signs for the self guided tour at the hatchery

Just “follow the yellow fish road” on a self guided tour and you will learn all about the fish hatchery. Open daily from 7:30am to 3:30pm and its free. The hatchery produces Chinook salmon, steelhead and walleye for the great lakes waters.

The things of interest include: Educational information, short video about hatchery, a show pond and fish viewing in the outside buildings from September through May. It was informative and made me have a better appreciation for the process of restocking fish. It is an easy stop after visiting the natural spring at Kitch-iti-kipi.

14. Camp at Manistique Lakeshore Campgound

The view from Manistique Lakeshore Campground walking along the shore

This campground was one of our favorite places to stay in all of the UP. It is located on and has direct access to the shores of Lake Michigan and if you book early enough, you can get a beautiful lake view spot. It is a very well maintained campground and is big rig friendly. So, if you are camping in the area, I would highly recommend Manistique Lakeshore Campground.

15. Enjoy a day of golf

With two courses to choose from, Garden & Stony Point Golf Clubs, they both offer affordable rates for either 9 or 18 holes. And they are conveniently located just a few miles from downtown Manistique on Hwy 2.

16. A meal with a view

One of our best meals in town was from the Upper Crest Deli & Bakery. They are open daily for breakfast items, lunch and desserts. We all really enjoyed our sandwiches. It’s a cute place on the water, so it has a nice view while sitting outside. Make sure to arrive at least 45 minutes before the closing time to get in your order, as they close promptly at closing time.

Things to do in Manistique, MI – Day Trips

17. Visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

The view from The Pictured Rocks Cruise in Munising

No trip to Michigan’s upper peninsula would be complete without visiting Munising and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior. The best way to see the sandstone cliffs is on a boat tour. Thankfully there are a few to choose from. So, if you decide to visit Munising, this will be helpful: 20+ Best Things To Do In Munising Michigan

18. Visit the iconic Mackinac Island

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge is how you get to the upper peninsula

You most likely drove over the Mackinac Bridge at some point to get to the upper peninsula. But if not, you should consider driving over and a day trip to Mackinac Island. Its like no other place on earth! You can also take the ferry via St Ignace, however just driving over the bridge is an experience.

19. See the Soo Locks in Sault Ste Marie

Another great day trip is to Sault Ste Marie. Here, you can watch the locks in action as the huge freighters pass through the Soo Locks. It is such an interesting experience. The boat tour is a must do while visiting. You can learn more about it here: 20+ Best Things to do in Sault Ste Marie MI

20. Explore the largest city in the upper peninsula

If you are exploring many areas in the upper peninsula, you may want to consider Marquette. Its the largest city in the UP and is about 1.5 hours away. The lovely town has a charming downtown, lots to see and do and a beautiful shoreline of Lake Superior. Marquette was our favorite city in the Upper Peninsula. The Best Things To Do In Marquette MI

Conclusion about Manistique

At Fayette State Park near the visitor center

Whether Manisitque is your final destination or you’re just stopping through along your way, Manistique will surprise you! So enjoy Manistique and the upper peninsula. It’s absolutely beautiful and so worth the trip. I hope you find this list of the best things to do in Manistique, MI both useful and helpful.

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