Looking for a new camping experience other than camping at  campgrounds? Then what about camping festivals?

Many people purchased camper vans, motorhomes and travel trailers in 2020. And you may be wondering what to do with it, if its always sitting in the driveway.

Well, I have an idea for you. What about camping festivals? They are available in almost every state and take place all through out the year.

Music camping festivals are very popular. With music festivals  from all genres: EDM, Indie, Rock, Country, Metal and more. You can find one for you!

There are also air show camping festivals.  If you enjoy airplanes, helicopters, show stunts and more, then air shows with camping are for you!

And don't forget about hot air balloon festivals with camping. Experience the beauty of a mass ascension with balloons filling the sky. It's amazing!

Another unique way to camp is a Harvest Host membership. Stay at farms, wineries, breweries and more. Sign up for a membership above and save 15%

As you can see, there are many fun ways to use your camper. So check out these camping festivals and find a few to attend soon!