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Experience The Best Things To Do In Page AZ

Discover the best things to do in Page AZ

Have you ever been to Page AZ? I was there many years ago when a group of friends rented a house boat. However I did not have any time to explore the town. So, I was excited when our travels lead us back through Page and especially when I discovered the Antelope Canyons. I definitely knew I wanted to see the canyons but did not realize at first all of the other interesting things to do in Page AZ. The town was a pleasant surprise and I wish we had more than a few days to explore but I hope this list of things to do will help when you are planning your Page, Arizona adventure!

Antelope Canyon Tours

One of the most famous things to do in Page, is to visit the Antelope Canyons. Because they are protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation, you must follow their rules and guidelines. After a flooding incident in the canyon many years ago and also to protect against vandalism, the canyons closed to the public in 1997 and are now only accessible through an approved guided tour company.

You can visit both canyons in a day, but you will need to make arrangements with different tour companies for upper and lower canyon tours. You can learn all about how to visit and all the differences in my upcoming blog post! And this will help you find an approved tour guide:

TRAVEL TIP: As of May 2022 The Navajo Nation still has a mask mandate that requires you to wear a mask at all time whiles visiting the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

The Upper Antelope Canyon is know for its beams of light shooting down through the canyon. The famous Peter Lik photo is an example of this. The canyon shape is narrow at the top letting in little light and wider at the base where you walk. The best time to visit is around 11am to 1pm.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

The Lower Antelope Canyon is know for its light and colors. The canyon is wide at the top so light comes in and narrow at the base where you walk. The best time to visit is early or later in the day when the sun is not coming directly into the canyon.

TRAVEL TIP: You are not allowed to bring any kind of bags on the tours. You can only bring a phone or camera that you can carry or strap to you and a bottle of water. No other items are permitted.

Horseshoe Bend

Another great thing to do in Page, AZ is visit the stunning Horseshoe Bend Overlook. Its only about 10 minutes from downtown Page. The overlook is open from sunrise to sunset with a $10 fee to park and then you hike about 1/2 mile to get to the view point. The hike is not long, but mostly uphill with no shade, so make sure you bring plenty of water. The best time to view Horseshoe Bend is when the sun is high, so that also means hot. You may spend as much time as you like exploring different points of view of the canyon up until sunset.

TRAVEL TIP: There is no shade on the hike, so bring plenty of water, use sunscreen and wear proper shoes. Also there are no rails around the canyon so keep young children within reach. Pets are welcome with a leash.

The Ways to Visit Horseshoe Bend:

  • OVERLOOK: You walk the 1 mile round trip hike to get to the overlook
  • RIVER: You float down the Colorado River on a rafting trip
  • AIR: You ride above on a helicopter tour

Carl Hayden Visitor Center & Glen Canyon Dam Tours

Visitor Centers are a great way to start your vacation and this one is on the way from Horseshoe Bend. They offer information and can also inform you on places that are not accessible, like some places now in Page due to the low water levels. The Glen Canyon Dam Tours are also currently closed. But you can still walk across the bridge to view the dam, which is very impressive! And about halfway across the walkway is a small hole without the fence to take photos.

Another Visitor Center to Consider:

  • Glen Canyon Conservancy Flagship (can help plan your visit)

Lake Powell

To experience the beauty of Glen Canyon Recreational Area including Lake Powell is a must see while in Page AZ. Even its only to drive through the Wahweap Recreational Area. And if you have a national park pass you can get in at no charge. So enjoy a scenic drive, partake in water sports or even rent a house boat. Lake Powell offers all kinds of activities and is definitely a boaters paradise!

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest known natural bridges and is only available to see by boat and then a 2 mile walk to get to the bridge. Currently the water level is so low that there is no dock access and you must beach your vessel at your own risk and walk through the water and mud to get to shore. Hopefully the conditions improve so it becomes more accessible. You can access the area by private or rental boat or a tour.

Other things to do in Page, AZ for day trips

  1. Lees Ferry is located 42 miles from Page, Arizona and is the only place in Glen Canyon where you can drive to the Colorado River.
  2. Monument Valley is about a 2 hour drive away with a 17 mile scenic loop drive. The area is part of the Navajo Nations and masks must be worn indoors and outdoors.
  3. The Wave and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument are located near the town of Page, AZ. This area needs a permit to access, so If you planned ahead and got your lottery permit then you have a fun adventure ahead!
  4. Wire Pass Trailhead to Buckskin Gulch if you want to experience slot canyons. Its an easy 3.4 mile roundtrip hike. Please note there are a few ways to get to Buckskin Gulch, this is the most direct.
  5. Grand Canyon National Park with its breathtaking views would make for a great stopover for a few days either before or after your visit to Page. But you could also visit as a day trip.
  6. Zion National Park is less than 2 hours away, but deserves more than a day trip to experience the beauty and amazing hikes within the national park.
  7. Bryce Canyon is the furthest away but would be great to include in a road trip of the surrounding area of Escalante Grand Staircase and Capital Reef National Park.

Where to eat in Page AZ

  • Bird House if you like fried chicken! They offer counter service with take out, indoor or outdoor seating.
  • Big John’s Texas BBQ for some great BBQ. Take out or table service with indoor and outdoor dining.

Where we camped in Page AZ

We stayed at Lake Powell Campground just outside of downtown Page AZ. The location was great to see the sights, as our tours for Antelope Canyon were only minutes away and it was easy to get to town for dinner. The campground has RV and tent sites available and also wagon cabins for rent. There is a nice mountain backdrop and clean facilities making it a nice stay to visit the area. The only downside, it was not near the water.

So, is Page, AZ worth visiting?

If you like the outdoors and water, then YES Page Arizona is definitely worth the visit. We were surprised by how much there was to do and see in the immediate area and even more if you are willing to travel a little! So, I hope you are pleasantly surprised by Page AZ as much as we were!

Other Places To Visit:

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