Welcome! If you are here, then you love to travel too. And no matter how you travel; via airplane, train, road trip or camper, we all have wanderlust in common.

Travel is good for the soul. It’s enlightening, fulfilling and one things for sure, you’ll never get to see it all. And yet, that is what makes it so exciting and at times overwhelming.

This travel blog is about our travel journey with a focus on a place we will soon call home. So, join us on our adventure to travel around exploring one new place at a time.

And may this blog be an inspiration to help you find new travel destinations.

Our Story

We’ve always loved to travel! And when the world changed in 2020 we decided to travel in a different way than we had traveled before. So we purchased an Airstream travel trailer and started exploring our own country. The journey had a start date of September 2020 but the end date remains open. When the “happiness runs out” that’s when we’ll decide to take another path. But until then….the journey continues.

We plan to explore all parts of the country from north, south, east to west! With a few international trips mixed in along the way. Bringing you the best information on things to see and do, places to visit, national parks to explore, campgrounds, hotels, restaurants and so much more!

As part of my travel planning process I gather information about places we plan to visit. I hope to be that source of information for you, and help make your travel planning easier. Maybe even inspire you to find new places to visit!

Safe travels, Kim, Scott & Charlie