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Welcome to my travel blog! I am so thankful you are here!

We have always loved to travel! And when the world changed in 2020 we decided to travel in a different way than we had traveled before. So we purchased an Airstream travel trailer and started exploring our own country. The journey had a start date of September 2020 but the end date remains open. When the “happiness runs out” thats when we will decide to take another path. But until then….

We plan to explore all parts of the country from north, south, east to west! With a few international trips mixed in along the way. Bringing you the best information on the campgrounds and hotels to stay, restaurants to eat, towns to visit, hikes to explore and so much more! And all the information I share is from our actual experience not a google search!

As part of my travel planning process I read blogs and follow social media groups that are about places I plan to visit to gather ideas on things I would like to experience. I hope to be that source of information for you to help make your travel planning easier. And I hope to inspire you to find new places to visit.

Safe travels, Kim, Scott & Charlie

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