25 RV Christmas Decoration Ideas You Will Love

Holiday season is just around the corner. And that means it’s time to get into the holiday spirit! By just adding a few RV Christmas decorations you can change your entire holiday camping experience. With these decorating tips, you can add Christmas cheer without spending a lot of money or taking up a lot of space. Interested? Then read on to discover the best RV Christmas decoration ideas.

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We have ideas for your travel trailer, fifth wheels, motorhomes and pop-ups. These ideas are an easy way to add holiday cheer to your tiny space without taking up a lot of it.

Whether you are full-time RVers or traveling around for a holiday vacation. These ideas make camping during the holidays so much fun!

So enjoy your holiday travel and go make so new memories while creating a festive look for your campsite!

25 RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

Tools Needed For Easy RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

With no real walls in the RV, hanging things can be challenging. But with these tools, decorating the RV can be easy.

1. Command Hooks

PRO TIP: Don’t leave home without these! These are your go to tool for decorating inside the RV. They can be used to hang almost anything!

2. Zip Ties Or String

For outdoor decorating, zip ties can be useful. They come in all sizes. And will hold up in wind and rain.

3. Double Sided Tape and Scissors

We love double sided tape. It comes in handy all the time in the RV. It is something we always have in our tool box.

And now for the fun stuff…decorating!

Different Kinds of Christmas Tress To Have In Your RV

1. Full-Size Trees

If you have enough floor space in your RV you can add a full-size tree. Artificial trees make a great choice because they are less messy and easy to care for. And if you feel you are missing the smell of fresh pine trees, well you can always add some pine scented essential oil to the room.

2. Pencil Trees & Skinny Trees

For those with a smaller space, decorating with a skinny tree is a great idea! The smaller tree doesn’t take up much space. And therefore makes a great option if you want to have a Christmas tree in your RV.

These are some affordable skinny trees I found on Amazon.

3. Tabletop Trees

And for those with little space, the best solution is a table top or miniature Christmas trees. So even if your tiny home doesn’t have a lot of space, you can still have a Christmas Tree!

Inside RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

4. Set The Mood With Lighting

Lights, light and more lights. You can do so much with lighting. From string lights with twinkle stars and globes to flameless candles. Lighting adds such a great feel and ambiance. You can add lights to the ceiling, the windows, counters and so much more.

5. Hanging Stockings For Santa Claus to Fill

Even if you don’t have a fireplace in you RV. You can still hang stockings. Find a ledge, cabinet or window valence to hang from. Stockings are pretty lightweight and should be easy to hang from just about anywhere.

6. Garland and Bows

You can add pine garland to many areas of your RV. Just add some bows, Christmas lights and ornaments. And you will have made a beautiful garland decoration. Hang it on your windows, line the counters, add it to your cabinets or wrap it around railings. Garland is very festive and always makes a statement.

7. Cut Out Paper Snowflakes

A DIY way to decorate that does not take up any storage space. Is making cut out paper snowflakes. You can cut them out of doilys and hang them from the ceiling. This gives you a festive feel inside the RV. It is fun activity where everyone can participate. And you get to show off your creative ways to make snowflakes.

8. Add Some Throw Pillows And Hand Towels

You can add some holiday throw pillows and hand towels. It is the easiest way to include some holiday decorations to a small space. They don’t take up any additional room. And you can change the look and feel of the room easily.

9. Turn Your Refrigerator Into A Snowman

With only construction paper, wrapping paper and ribbon. You can create a festive snowman on your refrigerator. It’s very easy, creative and fun. And the kids will love it too!

10. Holiday Mugs For Drinking And Decoration

Space is important in the RV. And this decoration earns it keep. You can use the holiday mugs for drinking hot cocoa or holding candy. So don’t put them in cabinet, leave them on the counter.

11. Holiday Wine Glasses

If you are entertaining in the RV, then these are a great holiday addition. Serve drinks in style with these fun and festive wine glasses. You will be sure to get some many compliments too.

12. Play Christmas Movies On The TV

Everyone loves Christmas movies. So play a few classics on the TV. Most RV’s have DVD players or you can stream it. Some great movies to play are A Christmas Story, A Wonderful Life and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

13. Add Some Flowers For Decoration

Make a beautiful flower arrangement for the holiday. If you have a glass vase, you can fill it with peppermints or cranberries for added decor.

14. Switch Out Your Comforter For A Holiday Quilt

And just like that you can add some holiday charm to your to your bedroom too! Add a warm and cozy duvet, quilt or comforter for the holiday.

Outside RV Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorating your outdoor space might even be more fun than decorating inside! You have so much to work with! You can decorate the camper. Or the awning, picnic table and even the surrounding landscape.

15. Add A Christmas Wreath To Your Front Door

This simple yet great way to decorate your RV. Add a wreath to the door of your RV. You could even hang the wreath on the front of your camper if you prefer. With the addition of big bow, it will really stand out. And adding some battery powered lights, makes it even better.

We found a $5 wreath and added a bow to it. It is made of plastic, so it’s not heavy and it won’t scratch the Airstream. So it’s just perfect for us.

16. Transform Your Entry With A Holiday Mat

Holiday mats are fun and festive. And sometimes funny. There are so many to choose from!

17. Use Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is both fun and festive. Create something simple as pictured below or go wild with lights everywhere. And with the use of solar powered lights its easy to get creative in your decorations.

18. Create A Winter Wonderland With A Projector

I love holiday projectors! They are so fun and add so much to your outdoor decorations. They are great to project on you RV or up into the trees. You can project white or colored snowflakes. And I have seen some other patterns too.

19. Decorate The Front Of Your RV

Decorating with lights on the front of the Airstream

Decorating the front of your RV is a fun way to showoff your holiday decor. The way many RV Parks are designed, the front of your RV is mostly what other campers can see. So if you want them to notice your holiday decorations. Consider decorating the front of your RV.

We used these lights to decorate our Airstream. They are weatherproof and shatterproof lights with 16 color variations to choose from and a remote control to operate it.

20. What About Window Clings

Window clings are simple, fun and easy! This no mess decoration is a great add to your RV. They take up no space, so make storage easy. Just remember to remove them before you move, they may not make it along the ride.

21. Use Your Surrounding

Make sure to use your surrounds to incorporate into your decorations. Such as decorating your picnic table or hanging lights from trees, fence or bushes in your campsite.

We travel with shepherds hooks and plan to make them in to candy canes for the holidays. So using things you already have is a creative way to decorate your space.

22. Add Some Inflatable Decorations

Inflatable decorations are great because they are lightweight and easily fold up for storage. They are also big, so they make a statement when you use them to decorate. They can transform your campsite into a holiday attraction.

23. Cover Your Picnic Table With A Holiday Table Cloth

We always decorate our picnic table for every holiday. It’s as easy as adding a tablecloth, some flowers or greenery, candles and other holiday decor. We like this black and white checker one because the color is versatile. Add some red accents for Christmas, orange for Thanksgiving and green for St Patty’s Day. And you have a perfect holiday decorated outdoor table.

Other RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

24. Decorate With A Color In Mind

Selecting a color scheme for your decor helps when trying to decorate. Your decorations can match the decor of your RV, like the photo below. Where they decorate with neutral colors to coordinate with the RV interior. Or use a dominate color throughout to coordinate the decor.

25. Pick A Theme To Decorate

You could also use a theme to decorate. For example a Tiki Christmas style with palm trees, beach balls and flamingos. Or the grinch theme and use lots of bright green. Another suggestion is nature, using natural elements, such as pine cones, garland and wood.

Just Have Fun With Your RV Christmas Decorating Ideas!

However you decide to decorate, most of all, just have fun! Its the holiday, so enjoy it!

SHOPPING TIP: Some of these items you might be able to find at a thrift store. You can also find them on Amazon, Target , Home Depot or at a local craft store. Happy holiday shopping.

And if this is your first Christmas in the RV, don’t worry, it takes time to get everything you need. And that’s ok, there is always next Christmas!

But make sure to walk around the RV Park to check out all the decorations and get some ideas for next year!

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Enjoy the Holiday!

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